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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Oct 8, 2018

Matt Bowles introduces himself and the Maverick Show podcast—the weekly show where he interviews today’s most interesting real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and world travelers. Each Monday a new episode will be released where you’ll meet an inspiring guest and hear personal stories about their worst failures, biggest breakthroughs, amazing travel adventures, and most valuable lessons learned on their journey to financial success, location independence and lifestyle freedom. As the host, Matt will pull out actionable tips and advice as well as their personal recommendations for the most influential books, resources, tools, hacks and practices that can help you take your real estate investing, entrepreneurship and lifestyle design to the next level.  Matt tells his personal story of how he got started investing in real estate back in 2004, and opens up about how getting unexpectedly fired from his job inspired him to become an entrepreneur. Matt tells the story of how he co-founded Maverick Investor Group in 2007 to help individual real estate investors buy rental properties in the best U.S. real estate markets regardless of where they live. He explains how he and his business partners built Maverick as a location independent business in a space that is not traditionally virtual, and why they give back 10% of their net profits to charities that affect positive change in the world. He also talks about his personal lifestyle design, how he has lived in over 50 countries since 2013, and how his conversations with incredible business owners, real estate investors and long term digital nomads he met along the way helped inspire the creation of this podcast.