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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Oct 22, 2018

Long-term digital nomad Kristin Wilson speaks publicly for the first time about how she completely burned out at age 21 and had a grand-mal seizure just months after winning the U.S. National Collegiate Surfing title, dashing her dreams of professional surfing and forcing a major life pivot. She talks about how she reinvented herself and went on to sell tens of millions of dollars of real estate in Central America, and landed an appearance on House Hunters International with a Danish Lord and a Brazilian model. She then tells the story of how she pivoted again when online gaming regulations changed in the U.S. and she saw an opportunity to build a business helping professional online poker players physically relocate outside of the U.S.. She talks about how she founded and expanded that company, attracting the attention of ESPN, Bloomberg and other major media outlets. She opens up about her personal journey living primarily outside her home country of the U.S. since 2003, in over 50 countries, and shares the strategies and tactics she has developed for sustaining an itinerant digital nomad lifestyle over the long-term. She explains how to create community support structures, how to optimize work-life balance amidst the excitement of travel, and how to culturally adapt and form deep connections with each place you live to mitigate loneliness and travel fatigue. She then shares her personal morning routine, productivity hacks, and recommends a very remote travel destination with one of the highest concentrations of plant and animal life in the world, where you can see colorful toucans flying around and very few people.