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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Feb 24, 2019

Sean Tierney shares his background as a musician, kite surfer, entrepreneur, podcast host, digital nomad and, since 2015, the Director of Sales at Pagely. Tasked with selling B-to-B to Fortune 500 companies, he explains the techniques he used to increase Pagely's sales by 70% in a single year while traveling the world with Remote Year, living in 18 countries, and closing his single largest deal from a Moroccan bowling alley. Sean then breaks down the sales systems he developed into 7 steps but emphasizes the importance of establishing product-market-fit before attempting any scaling techniques. Post-product-market-fit, he explains the importance of starting with "flow mapping" the lead experience. He then shares the next step of measuring metrics and KPIs. Next he explains how to build a sales "process". Then he explains his concept of "Flintstoning" and why it is so important. After that he explains how to start "delegating", and eventually to start "automating". And finally, he talks about the more advanced technique of "Scaling Personal Attention", and discusses the "Choose Your Own Adventure" interactive video experience he developed or Pagely. We then move on to talk about Sean's world travel adventures and his experience hosting The Nomad Podcast. He then explains the scope of his "Nomad Prep Academy" that he created as a course for helping people get into the digital nomad lifestyle. And finally he shares his vision of the future of the remote work and how the digital nomad ecosystem is evolving, and he explains why he thinks people deserve to lead extraordinary lives and how nomadic travel can help them to do so.