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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

May 5, 2019

Marisa Meddin shares her experiences as a brand marketer at Pepsi for 6 years, and describes what life was like throwing celebrity parties for influencers, walking red carpets at the Grammys, Clios and Golden Globes, and regularly interacting with her A-list clients. She distills down the business lessons learned from managing the $1.5 Billion Diet Pepsi brand, and breaks out the core principles of Pepsi’s brand-building strategy that are applicable to businesses of all sizes. Marisa then explains why she left Pepsi in her late 20s and walked away from what everyone saw as “the good life” and the “dream job”. She takes us through her career and life transition, why she decided to start over and how she taught herself to build location-independent businesses from scratch. She takes us through her journey of becoming a real estate professional and then building a completely automated business that now generate her enough passive residual income to cover her lifestyle expenses while she travels the world as a full-time digital nomad. Marisa emphasizes the tenacious work ethic required to learn, build, and automate successful businesses, and then breaks down the specific tactics for how she executed her product development, focus grouping of her target market, copywriting and marketing, and building effective sales funnels. She also goes deep into tactics for creating the right mindset and how to surround yourself with the right stimulation and create powerful incentives to succeed. She then talks about her move into the life/career coaching space and her love of working with people to help them create lives they truly love. And finally, she shares some of her top travel experiences and conveys the crucially important role of ‘community’ for long term world travelers. Full Show Notes for this episode available at