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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Nov 26, 2018

Julia Shem tells the story of how she came to the U.S. from Russia alone at age 19 with limited
English skills and went from waitress to self-made entrepreneur in just 3 years. Now 25, Julia
explains how she has fully-automated her business, Goldy.LA, which sells custom metallic
temporary tattoos, so that it nets her over 6 figures in passive income per year while she travels
the world. Julia opens up about getting fired as a waitress, then working as a computer
programmer in a real estate office in LA, and finally teaching herself how to start her own
physical-product business and quickly scale it to full-automation. She gives specific tips on how
to develop your business idea, test and verify your minimum viable product, select a
manufacturer and fulfillment process, swiftly build your systems and outsource to the right
staff. She shares the specific apps, project management software, CRM, and other tools she
uses to run her business. She also shares her personal productivity hacks, time management
techniques, and stress-reduction practices. Julia talks about how she meditates, maintains a
visual inspiration wall in her bedroom, and continually updates her list of top prioritie and
goals. She then talks about her lifestyle design and travel experiences, including doing Yoga in
the Himalayas, and recommends her top 3 international travel destinations.