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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Nov 5, 2018

Jennifer Magee shares her personal journey through the world of architecture, design and real estate development on her way to becoming a location-independent business owner. She opens up about how she navigated repeated business failures and continually implemented the lessons learned until she eventually selected the right business partners, built the right team, and started landing Fortune 500 clients. She talks about how she built her architectural design company, Retail in the City, with a virtual infrastructure that she can run from anywhere in the world while serving clients like Saks Off 5th, Barnes and Noble, and The Sharper Image. As a digital nomad who chooses to live in different time zones across the world for extended periods, she discusses how she structures her workday in order to manage her international team effectively while optimizing her own lifestyle design. Jen also explains why her two most effective techniques for stress-relief over the years have been 1) Dancing (more than any other form of exercise) and 2) Spontaneous travel. She tells the story of how she took a last-minute trip to Peru by herself to do a multi-day hike to Machu Picchu and ended up with a private entourage and cook attending only to her! Jen also names the celebrity she would most like to have dinner with and what questions she would ask at that dinner. She then shares her most influential book, her most impactful productivity app and, after travelling to over 50 countries, she recommends her top 3 travel destinations of all time.