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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Nov 12, 2018

Nomad Summit founder Johnny FD shares his story of how he decided to quit his corporate job in Los Angeles and move to Thailand to live on the beach, work as a dive master and eventually become a professional Muay Thai kickboxer and an online business owner. He opens up about his personal journey overcoming insecurity and developing the confidence to pursue a location-independent lifestyle. Johnny then talks about his online business journey through drop-shipping, affiliate marketing, blogging, podcasting, and explains how he grew his online income to over $200K/year and got featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company and Entrepreneur Magazine. He explains the content-monetization strategies he uses and the specific ways he created multiple streams of automated passive income online. He then tells the story of how he founded the Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai, Thailand which has grown from a small local gathering to a major international event attracting over 400 digital nomads each year from around the world. Johnny talks about the evolution of the digital nomad scene in Chiang Mai, describes the cost of living, quality of life, and the social scene in the world’s largest nomad hub. He then discusses how the broader digital nomad eco-system is growing and developing globally. Finally, he pulls back the curtain on how he invests his personal net worth and what percentage he keeps in real estate vs. other asset classes, and shares the biggest lesson he has learned from his hundreds of guests on the Travel Like a Boss and Invest Like a Boss podcasts.