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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Nov 20, 2018

YouTube Influencer Nick Nimmin explains how he grew his personal YouTube Channel by over 100,000 subscribers in under 12 months. He talks about the biggest mistakes people make with YouTube and why most people fail to grow their audience. He gives a detailed example of how a local real estate agent could use YouTube to dominate their local market, and explains the #1 mega-mistake real estate agents make on YouTube. He then explains how to optimize your ‘watch time’ and ‘session time’, why to use a ‘series playlist’, how long your videos should be and how frequently you should publish in order to maximize your authority and increase your chances of YouTube recommending your videos. Nick also opens up about his personal journey, talks about his early days as a hip hop DJ and tells the story of how he got to open a concert for 2 Live Crew. He then shares his pivotal transitionary moment when he got in shape, dropped 100 pounds, sold all his stuff, moved to Thailand and slept on the floor of his brother’s storage room for 4 months as he got on his feet and started his business. He also talks about how his daily practice of meditation over the last 3 years has changed the way he sees everything. He explains the specific details of how he meditates, the science behind it, and then makes recommendations for how beginners can get started. He concludes by naming his top 5 hip hop MCs of all time!