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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Feb 18, 2019

Anja Winter shares her journey from growing up in her hometown in Germany to becoming a “Teacher-Nomad” who has been travelling the world full time for 5 years and now makes over 6 figures a year teaching German online. She explains how she began teaching both German and English in Chiang Mai, Thailand in a traditional classroom setting and was able to re-connect with her passion for teaching.  She then tells the story of how she began making videos for her students and eventually realized that the humor and creativity she used when teaching German had a much broader appeal and was able to grow her YouTube channel to over 340,000 subscribers. She breaks down the techniques she used to build her audience and makes specific tactical recommendations ranging from posting frequency to production quality to marketing strategies to attract new viewers.  She then shares the moment when she first realized she could monetize her YouTube channel, and how she grew that from for her first $3 to a six-figure annual income. She then explains how she listened to the needs of her audience, and created multiple courses to fill those needs that she was then able to market and sell directly to her YouTube audience. She also talks about her travel life, why she has chosen to travel the world very slowly over the last 5 years, what her favorite travel destinations have been, and why she chose to join the Remote Year program to travel the world with a community of nomads for all of 2019.