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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Mar 17, 2019

May Ling Lai shares her personal story of growing up on the Florida Gulf Coast where she became a musical performer on local stages starting at age 5 because her mother wanted to prevent any tendencies towards shyness. She talks about her ongoing passion for music and the business lessons all people can take from karaoke. May Ling even performs an acapella song on the Maverick Show! She then talks about running her first marathon at age 35, and subsequently completing 3 full marathons and 20 half marathons in a dozen countries. She explains the concept of “meditation in motion” and how distance running enabled her to meditate at a much higher level, both while running and stationary. She talks about some of her most recent trips to Budapest, Rome and Kuala Lumpur, including a story about why you should always talk to your taxi driver. She then goes on to discuss her latest course “The 7 Skills of Speedreading” and explains how she can read at about 10x the average person’s speed. She talks about how she became a speed-reader out of necessity when she was managing a billion dollar “short portfolio” for a hedge fund when the economy started to collapse. She dismantles the misnomer about speed-reading being a “hack” and talks through the actual mechanics of how people can learn to speed-read without comprehension loss.