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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Mar 25, 2019

Seth Greene shares his entrepreneurial journey from being a magician to a financial advisor to founding his own direct-response marketing firm, Market Domination, LLC.  He explains the marketing principles he discovered that radically improved all of his business results. He then tells the story of how he met, “kidnapped”, and effectively pitched Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, which led to a lasting business relationship including Kevin and Seth co-hosting the “Sharkpreneur Podcast”.  Seth explains the most effective strategies for pitching and networking with celebrities and other high profile people. He also shares his experience as a judge on Pitch Tank, the live version of Shark Tank, and what he has learned from interacting with billionaires like Steve Forbes and other highly successful businesspeople.  He also shares his opinion of the top 3 marketers today that every entrepreneur should be closely following. Seth talks about some of the biggest mistakes he has made along his journey and what he learned from them. He also shares how he manages stress and entrepreneurial setbacks, and how he separates work from family and prioritizes his wife and kids.  Seth then goes on to discuss parenting and how he is raising entrepreneurial kids. He explains how his 10-year old daughter Ella, who co-hosts a YouTube show with him, has already published her own book, been on the local news, and has paying clients. And finally, Seth shares exactly what he would do if he had to start all over with no money, no following, no list and nobody knew who he was.