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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Apr 14, 2019

Colin Randall shares his experience working in real estate and explains how he quickly rose up the ranks right out of college to start selling million dollar homes within 3 months. He then tells the story of how he landed a billionaire real estate investor as a mentor and he shares the real estate investing lessons he learned working for him over the years. Colin then opens up about some of the biggest challenges and setbacks he faced and how, at his lowest point, he discovered that dressing well, wearing fashionable suits, and taking pride in his appearance had a powerful impact on re-building his self-confidence. He then talks about his major career pivot into producing music videos in Los Angeles. He explains the specific strategies and leverage points he used to quickly rise in the industry to start landing major studio contracts to produce music videos with 6-figure budgets for A-List musicians like The Back Street Boys, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias and many others. He then explains how and why he decided to start traveling the world full time and running his business remotely. He shares the tactics for how he continues to run the video production business from different countries around the world, the unexpected benefits of doing so, and how he was able to 4X his income in his first year of being a full time digital nomad. Colin then talks about how he decided to start a second business selling fashionable men’s suits, including a charitable component that donates suits to homeless and other disadvantaged men, and shares how he even took the charitable component around the world with him as well. Full Show Notes at