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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Apr 21, 2019

Maria Sirotkina shares her entrepreneurial journey, starting with co-founding her first company, J-Study, in her home country of Russia, and running it as an 18-year old CEO. She explains how she and her partners scaled that business to 8-figures in annual revenue and what her biggest leverage points and breakthroughs have been. She provides tactical strategies for bootstrapping a lean startup, growth hacking, and paying attention to the right metrics and KPIs. She also explains the concept of co-living, how she developed her passion for it, and why she founded her Co-Living business ReStation in the Canary Islands, which she has now scaled up to 4 buildings that have housed over 1,000 nomadic travelers. She shares both the real estate and business lessons she has learned from operating her co-living space, and why it is crucially important to co-living spaces to establish a clearly defined culture. Maria then explains why she co-founded her third business, Nomad Train, which takes groups of Nomads from Moscow, Russia to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Maria also shares her passion for nomadic travel, why she chose to study Arabic, how she met her husband in Cape Town, and what her top 3 favorite travel destinations are. She also explains the concept of ‘deep work’ and shares her productivity strategies, including the specific tactics she uses for running three businesses in different countries while being a wife and mother of two who prioritizes her family. View the full show notes including links to everything discussed in the episode at