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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

May 19, 2019

Johnny FD talks about his latest travel adventures and begins by explaining why he loves the value destinations of Sri Lanka and Nepal in South Asia, Ukraine and Bansko, Bulgaria in Eastern Europe, and Lisbon, Portugal in Western Europe. Johnny then goes on to talk about his strategy for building businesses that can be automated, and building (or buying) assets that generate passive income. He debunks the most prominent myths about “passive income”, and describes his tenacious work ethic, morning routine, exercise and nutrition regimen, and explains what it really takes to build functional streams of passive income. He explains how he has now built a dozen streams of passive income that finance his lifestyle and world travel. He breaks down the details of how he does affiliate marketing, how he creates online courses, how he builds audience and monetizes his blog and his You Tube channel, and why he chooses a long-form interview format for his podcast even though it makes him less money. He also gives tips on avoiding “shiny-object syndrome” and spreading yourself too thin. Johnny then talks about his latest course “Income Boss”, who it is for and the value it provides. He then gives specific tips on personal brand building. Next he talks about why he loves travel so much, how he selects his locations, and how he designs his lifestyle. Finally, he explains why he expanded the Nomad Summit to take place twice a year on different continents, and why it now includes an optional post-Summit meet-up for up to a month afterwards and how you can participate. Full Show Notes Available at