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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

May 27, 2019

Lydia Baikalova tells her story of growing up poor in Ukraine, learning to speak English at age 13 and developing her entrepreneurial drive out of necessity to make money. She then shares her acting trajectory which eventually led her to Los Angeles. After years of modeling and acting, she explains how she decided to start a wedding photography business that she eventually scaled to over 25 staff. She explains how she build the systems and processes and infrastructure that now allows her to run it remotely while traveling the world. She shares specific tips on hiring, systems building, and scaling a service-based business as well as artistic and creative businesses. She then offers tips on how everyone can take better photos, for Instagram or anywhere else, and look fabulous. Lydia then goes on to talk about her passion for travel and the nomadic lifestyle. She shares her insights on personal growth, relationship building, and dating while traveling the world as a nomad. She also recounts some of her top travel experiences, adventures, mishaps, and favorite places. She talks about her love for tango, free-diving, and her passion or learning new skills as she travels. She also recounts her experiences in South Africa, explains how “Burning Man” events have impacted her life, and shares her views about having “nice things”. She also discusses the expansion of her business, the opening of boudoir division, and that why that is so significant to her. She also shares her specific morning routine, day structure, and productivity tips. Full Show Notes Available at