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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Jul 2, 2019

Sean Tierney starts off by sharing the beginnings of his entrepreneurial tendencies and tells the story of how he made over $1,000 on one sales initiative in 8th grade.  He then takes us through his decade long journey as a serial entrepreneurial, running party bus and pub crawl companies, raising 750K for his startup Jumpbox, creating a short-sale real estate education company, experimenting with art and music businesses, trying to launch Survival School TV, and running the Lean Start Up Circle in Phoenix Arizona.  Sean then explains how he gravitated towards “Intrapreneurship” and ended up taking a job as the Sales Director at Pagely, where he can be very creative and innovative and act with a high degree to autonomy but still be in a salaried position with a paycheck and not have to take the risks associated with entrepreneurship. He talks about the Leviathan system he developed for Pagely and some of the lessons he has learned.  He also talks about the key to closing any sale, whether it’s an individual customer or a Fortune 500 company. Sean goes on to talk about how he works remotely as a nomad and shares a story about closing a deal while tethered to his phone driving through a hail storm in Ireland. Sean shares other travel adventures as well, including how he got his paragliding certification in complete white out conditions. Sean also shares his musical background, talks about his love for hip hop, and performs his original song “Blind”.  He also talks about his Charity Makeover initiative, Season 2 of his Nomad Podcast, and explains how his Nomad Prep Academy helps people become digital nomads. He also shares his morning routine, productivity habits and explains his concepts of “punching past the board” and “reverse goal planning”. Full Show Notes Available at