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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Jul 8, 2019

Shane Vitaly Foran shares his background growing up in Canada, getting into the punk rock scene, and pushing boundaries in fashion and style early on with his piercings, tattoos, hairstyle, and clothing choices.  Shane tells the story of how he parlayed his rebellious, anti-establishment style into two fashion brands that currently produce over 8-figures in annual revenue. As the founder, CEO and lead designer of Vitaly Design and Clocks and Colours, Shane takes us on his entrepreneurial journey, his numerous setbacks along the way, and how he persevered and learned lessons from each business challenge.  He explains how he now collaborates with the world’s top DJs, including a recent product line he produced for Zedd. He tells the story of how he appeared on Dragon’s Den (the Canadian version of Shark Tank) and delivered the most successful pitch in Dragon’s Den history, receiving investment offers from every single dragon. He also shares how he was approached by Axe to do a 60 second commercial and by MTV to do a spot on his team.  Shane then talks about his leadership style, what it took to identify high quality manufacturers, how he manages his distributed team remotely while traveling the world, how he hires the right people, and how he deploys and optimizes a $5 million+ annual marketing budget. Shane also discusses his morning routines, productivity habits, the importance of prioritizing mental health and why he believes everyone should go to therapy. He explains how he differentiates his personal brand from his company brands, and why that is important.  He also talks about what he loves about travel, the business benefits of traveling the world, his favorite destinations, his top bucket list destinations. Full Show Notes at