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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Jul 15, 2019

Scott Carson takes us on his journey from his banking and finance background to real estate investing to becoming an entrepreneur who specializes in investing in non-performing mortgages.   He explains how to identify and buy non-performing notes and how he bought over $500 million in distressed debt for his own portfolio. He also explains the risks, how he conducts his due diligence, and his precise strategy for making non-performing notes into  profitable investments. Scott also talks about his entrepreneurial journey as the founder and CEO of and shares how he built his business, how he developed his information products and coaching programs, and how he scaled his business through networking and content marketing. He also talks about why and how be built his company with a location independent infrastructure so he can run it remotely while traveling the world.  Scott then talks about his leadership style as a CEO, his tips on hiring and managing staff, the importance of training and process building, and explains his concept of the “marketing octagon’. Scott then talks about how and why he started The Note Closers Show podcast, what the business benefits have been, and what tips and lessons he has after publishing nearly 500 episodes.  We then talk about Scott’s lifestyle design, what he loves about world travel, and how he chooses his destinations. Full Show Notes Available at