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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Jul 30, 2019

Maijid Moujaled takes us on his journey growing up in Accra, Ghana and moving to the US to study computer science and engineering and work for Yahoo and Imgur before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey. After being denied an H1B visa and being forced to leave the U.S., Maijid explains how he joined the Remote Year program and traveled the world for a year with 50 digital nomads. And while on Remote Year, Maijid tells the story of how he built “Chipper Cash”, a no-fee African cross border payment app together with a business partner from Uganda. He explains the challenges raising investment capital for the project and describes his first major breakthrough of getting accepted to the 500 Startups accelerator, followed by his first investor and eventually his path to raising a $2.4 million seed round. Maijid then talks about how he rapidly scaled Chipper Cash, built systems and processes for a remote-first company, and how he is hiring and managing a distributed team. He then shares his thoughts on an exit strategy, potential competition, and his 10-year vision for Chipper Cash. Maijid also talks about his personal productivity habits, his super simple morning routine, and the #1 thing he does for stress reduction. He then discusses his travel experiences, his love for Brazil, and the primary way he connects with locals when he can’t speak the language. He concludes by recommending his top book, app, podcast and shares his favorite travel destinations. Full Show Notes Available at