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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Aug 6, 2019

Sarah Gregg talks about her new book “Finding Your Flow: Capture It, Use it and Make it Yours.” She begins by explaining the concept of “Flow” including the history, psychology and popular usages of it. She then goes on to explain how people can harness the concept of Flow to order their consciousness, be fully present in the moment and invest their attention towards the goals that matter most to them. Sarah then shares the 3 core conditions required for Flow to occur, and discusses the “journal system” that she created for finding and optimizing your Flow. She explains her morning routine which includes a gratitude practice, goal setting process, and the technique of “imagery scripting” of her ideal day. She emphasizes the importance of the gratitude practice in controlling your morning mood to start your day, as well as how to reflect positively at night, use self-distancing techniques, and identify your Flow states from the day. She then goes on to explain why Flow is not reliant on external factors, how it is unique to the individual, and how it is rooted in science and psychology. Sarah also takes us behind the scenes of the book writing process and shares how the book deal came about, how she overcame self-doubt, how she structured her research and writing process, and describes the marketing roll out plan for the book. Sarah then shares some travel adventures including her hilarious experience taking the Trans-Siberian railway across Russia into China. FULL SHOWNOTES AVAILABLE AT: