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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Aug 13, 2019

Mark Podolsky shares his journey leaving the corporate world and starting his own land investing business.  He explains how land investing works and the systems he created to consistently generate 300% returns. He then discusses the way he turned his land investing into a location-independent business by building systems and processes, automating, delegating, and hiring a team to run the different aspects of it.  He talks about his leadership style, his hiring process, and how he manages an internationally distributed team. He then explains how and why he began creating an information product/service business where he mentors and teaches others how to replicate his methods. He also talks about his podcast “The Art of Passive Income”, shares his top tips on podcasting.  He then talks about his book “Dirt Rich” and explains how and why he wrote it. Mark then shares his biggest business mistakes and how he manages stress and handles business setbacks. He discusses his morning routine, meditation practices, and the creative ways he integrates fitness into his life. Mark also explains his lifestyle design choices now that he has automated his business.  He then shares his favorite book, app, travel destination, the advice he would give to his 18 year old self and the celebrity with whom he would most like to have dinner. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE at