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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Aug 27, 2019

Matt Bowles starts off by explaining what “turnkey real estate investing” is, and discusses the benefits of buying and holding residential investment property vs. other asset classes like stocks and mutual funds. He goes through the 5 different potential profit centers you have when buying and holding rental properties—market appreciation, cash-flow, tax benefits, mortgage principal pay-down by the tenant, and a built-in hedge against inflation. He explains the benefits of not having to be the rehabber or the landlord yourself and how buying a performing rental property (that is already cash-flowing when you close) can substantially mitigate your up-front risk. Matt then explains the benefits of buying and “holding” (instead of flipping) your rental property, and why it’s important to own the deeded real estate as a hard asset as opposed to buying real-estate-backed securities. And, finally, he explains the benefits of building a portfolio of single-family rental properties as opposed to buying an apartment building. He then teaches how to identify the most investor-advantaged real estate markets—assessing demand drivers, price-to-rent ratios, calculating capitalization rates properly and buying in the “real estate investor sweet spots”. He also covers the essentials for how to conduct due diligence on an out-of-state buying opportunity, the importance of verifying everything independently, and how to find and use third party services. Matt concludes by explaining the business model of Maverick Investor Group, how their niche has been serving individual real estate investors exclusively since 2007, why it doesn’t cost any money to work with Maverick, and how Maverick intentionally created an incentive structure that puts the buyer’s interests first. He then offers two opportunities to connect with Maverick and either learn more or start building your portfolio of cash-flowing rental properties. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT: