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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Oct 9, 2019

Danielle Thompson takes us on her path through entrepreneurship, building multiple different businesses until she finally found her true passion with The Freelance Travel Network—helping nomadic freelancers grow and profit from their online service business while traveling the world. She explains how she grew and scaled that business while traveling the world herself. Danielle also opens up about her personal development journey. She explains the profound impact that Ayahuasca ceremonies and other psychedelic experiences had on her business breakthroughs, personal growth, and development of self-love. She also takes us on her travel journey since 2015 when she became a full-time digital nomad. She shares her biggest takeaways, epiphanies, struggles, identity conflicts and growth moments from long term stays in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Lisbon, Bali, and Buenos Aires. She discusses her experience participating in the WiFi Tribe work-travel program and the importance of cultivating and sustaining community in the long-term nomadic lifestyle. Danielle then discusses her personal day structure and productivity habits, including how she gamifies her entire life and the app she uses to do it. She reflects on the significance of what travel means to her and shares her #1 travel hack. She also recommends her #1 most influential book, her favorite productivity app, and shares the one person in the world with whom she would most like to have dinner. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT