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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Oct 29, 2019

In this episode, Matt Bowles takes you behind the scenes of his 7-year nomad journey to 60+ countries on 6 continents.  He explains why he travels the world with carry-on luggage only, and how a minimalist lifestyle helps him detach from materialism and focus on experiences and relationships with people.  Matt also announces the launch of which contains all of his recommendations for the products, services, and programs he personally uses and recommends.  He then goes on to addresses some of the most common questions about how he has built and sustained a long-term nomadic lifestyle. He breaks down the different sustainability pillars and provides tactical details so you can replicate them.  Matt begins by explaining what his actual lifestyle looks like and why he created it. Next, he discusses the 4 primary ways to generate location independent income to finance a nomadic lifestyle —being an entrepreneur and building a location independent business, being a freelancer, being a salaried employee with a remote work arrangement, and being a real estate investor with passive rental income.  He shares his personal path in co-founding Maverick Investor Group and building it with a location-independent infrastructure to facilitate freedom of mobility for Maverick partners and staff. He also shares tips for getting consistent WiFi around the world, establishing productive routines, and avoiding distractions while traveling. He then goes on to talk about strategies for avoiding loneliness, establishing the community as a nomad, and the incredible value he finds in work-travel programs.  He explains the importance of slow-traveling at a stable pace, attending to health, fitness, and self-care, and even discusses dating, love and relationships as a nomad. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT