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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Nov 5, 2019

Arthur Worsley takes us on his travel journey through 100+ countries, his entrepreneurial journey, and the development of his TRACKTION system for accelerated learning and revolutionary productivity.  He starts off by sharing stories from his college days at Oxford and how he made over USD $100,000 in a single week as a student and then shares his takeaways from working at McKinsey & Company for 3 years.  Arthur then opens up about how the collapsing of his 4-year relationship, breakdown in his family life and work burn-out, led him to embark on a travel journey that would fundamentally alter his life course. Arthur shares highlights from his travel adventures, including being chased by fur-seals on Christmas day in Antarctica while dressed up as Santa Clause. He also tells stories about traveling through Central Asia with his mother, learning Russian and visiting the “Gates of Hell” in Turkmenistan, traveling through North Korea and spending time in Iran.  He also explains how he has used accelerated learning techniques to cultivate a wide range of skills, including going from zero to fluent in German in just 5 months and becoming a level 2 Canadian ski instructor just 6 months after picking up his first set of skis. He then tells the story of how he trained for and completed “The Marathon of the Sands”, a 6-day, 156-mile ultra-marathon through the Sahara Desert that is widely regarded as the toughest foot race in the world. Arthur also talks about his company, “Faster to Master”, and shares specific tactics that he teaches for accelerated learning and ultra-productivity.  He explains the importance of establishing the right systems, processes, and rituals, and breaks down the role of values, habits, and metrics in sustaining a life management system. He also gives specific tips on day structure, stress reduction, creating a “not to do” list, and reducing procrastination. He concludes by sharing his personal story of meeting his relationship-partner Erin and offers advice on finding love and partnership as a nomad. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT