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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Nov 18, 2019

Freddy Lansky takes us on his 10-year travel journey including his experiences in places like North Korea and Venezuela.  He then talks about his entrepreneurial journey and his experience scaling his last business to 7-figures and having a successful exit.  He explains how over the years he has studied and mastered the award-points game to score free first-class flights around the world that usually retail for up to $15,000.  He then talks about his mission in founding his current company Points Panda and his passion for helping others optimize their award-point acquisition and redemption. He explains the nuances and complexities of opening the right credit cards, double and triple-dipping acquisition strategies for maximizing reward points, and transferring points into the right airlines (which are usually the partners of the actual airlines you want to fly on) to optimize redemption value.  He explains why a highly customized points-acquisition strategy (based on your current spending habits) and points-redemption strategy (based on your specific travel goals) is essential for each individual person. He also explains why opening multiple credit cards will likely help (not hurt) your credit score over the long run. He then recommends his top books, top productivity app, favorite travel destinations of all time, and the top bucket list destinations that are currently on the top of his list.  Freddy concludes by offering a discount for Maverick Show listeners to use his Points Panda concierge service. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT