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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Nov 25, 2019

Ella Cook takes us on her personal-growth and business journey starting with her childhood growing up in Zambia and, then, her adult life in the UK and Australia, before becoming location-independent and moving to Bali, Indonesia.  She opens up about her struggles with substance abuse, self-image, chronic anxiety, suicidal thoughts, abusive relationships, and drifting through life on other peoples’ terms. She shares the moment when she called off her wedding, broke up with her fiancé, moved to Bali and completely changed her life path.  She also acknowledges that the dramatic life-transition alone did not resolve her internal struggles. She explains how she continued to spiral downward in Bali until she hit rock bottom and finally decided to start doing the real personal-development work and taking control of her life. She shares some of the most transformative retreats she attended that helped her connect with her feminine energy, realize her special skills and passions, harness her power, and establish her life-direction.  She explains how those experiences led to her hosting women’s circles and ultimately founding “The Alchemy of She”. Ella also talks about her journey founding, niching, and scaling “Made of Magic”, her digital marketing agency that focuses on high-ticket retreat marketing. She explains why it is so important for women to build and own real businesses, and why the ‘life coaching’ space in Bali is so fraught with problems. She then shares some of her key business-building and marketing tips for growing a successful company.  She also shares the evolution of her productivity habits, morning routines, and day structure. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT