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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Dec 17, 2019

Mel Judson shares her journey dropping out of an Ivy League University and moving to Los Angeles to live in a backyard shed on Venice Beach and become a mural painter.  She explains how she began doing brand-consulting and business strategy development with YouTube influencers and then parlayed her skills and network into a Hollywood studio career, becoming an executive producer before the age of 30.  She then talks about her choice to leave her successful corporate job to start her own business and become a digital nomad. She explains how she replaced her corporate income in the first month of launching her business and quickly scaled it to over 500K/year in revenue.  She explains how she built automated systems for the different parts of her business and gives her the most important tips for web presence, branding, and differentiation in a crowded marketplace. Mel also talks about how female entrepreneurs can incorporate feminine energy into their business and company culture.  She also talks about her 2-year journey as a full-time digital nomad, including the setbacks she had along the way and the lessons she learned. She tells the story of getting into a scooter accident in Bali right before a scheduled Boudoir shoot and the life lessons she took from the experience. She then talks about dating as a nomad and shares how she met her current relationship partner. Mel also talks about what travel means to her and how she chooses her travel destinations and designs her nomadic lifestyle.  FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT