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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Dec 24, 2019

Jonny Miler shares his start-up journey building “Maptia” which took him and his team across five continents from “Start Up Chile” in Santiago to “TechStars” in Seattle and then on to Morocco, Switzerland, Bali and the UK.  He then shares his experience becoming a start-up mentor with “Escape the City” and the biggest lessons from mentoring over 250 start-ups.  Jonny then shares his reflections on the importance of emotional resilience in life and entrepreneurship, and breaks it down into 3 different areas—recovery strategies, capacity increasing strategies, and resiliency.  He then discusses his reflections on processing intense and traumatic events, including extreme grief. He opens up about losing his fiancé to suicide and reflects on his journey of grief which recently culminated in his 2019 TedX talk entitled “The Gifts of Grief”.  He then explains the concepts of ‘radical curiosity’, ‘the art of surrender’ and the importance of being a ‘curious human’. He then shares the most powerful lessons he has learned from his guests on the “Curious Humans” podcast, as well as his lessons on becoming a better interviewer and what makes a great podcast. He also reflects on why he travels, and what world travel has meant to him over the years. And he explains how Maptia works as an interactive map and online story-telling platform of crowd-sourced photo stories that allow you to explore the world thematically through lenses such as surfing or food or indigenous people. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE at