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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Dec 31, 2019

Gavin Dantez tells his story growing up between Canada and Eretria, life lessons he learned in each country, and how his early entrepreneurial tendencies resulted in years of frustrating failures before he finally found the right direction and alignment.  Gavin explains how he discovered the right digital mentorship and was eventually able to self-audit his skills and find a business partner to complement his marketing expertise. He then describes the process of co-founding Magnet Mount and growing it from zero to $3 million in revenue in a single year and reflects on the primary leverage points he used to generate rapid growth.  He explains the importance of massive ad iterations, re-targeting, conversion psychology, behavioral response marketing, and other techniques he deployed to scale as fast as he did. He then talks about his “Limitless” masterclass, and how to hack and reprogram your own mind so that you can live life on your terms. He also talks about the importance of alignment between all aspects of life - work, play, social, fitness, etc. He shares his approach to health and fitness as well as his top productivity technique for achieving more in less time.  He then talks about the significance of lucid dreaming in his life and gives tips for beginners on how to start waking up inside your dreams. And, finally, Gavin shares his reflections on traveling to 40 countries and the importance of gaining multiple perspectives and developing true wisdom through travel. Full Show Notes Available at