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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Jan 7, 2020

Chris Reynolds shares his journey from growing up in a farming community to attending business school to traveling the world full time as a location independent entrepreneur, podcast host, and high-performance coach.  He shares a number of productivity tips and the science behind them, including the importance of lifetime planning, work environment, deep-focus work, the keys to a productive day, and why it’s so important to physically separate yourself from your phone, not just silence the notifications.  He also talks about the importance of meditation, exercise, and nutrition in maintaining optimal mental, emotional and physical states to boost productivity and minimize stress. He then goes on to talk about his experience starting The Business Method Podcast and his biggest lessons learned after publishing over 400 episodes.  He even shares his #1 tip for growing a podcast audience. He then shares his reflections on being a full-time digital nomad for over 9 years, what travel means to him today and the keys for staying productive while traveling the world full time. Chris then talks about his live event, “Get Sh*t Done Live”, and explains how he works with clients as a high- performance coach.  FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT