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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Jan 14, 2020

Matt Bowles pulls back the curtain and explains how each element of The Maverick Show Podcast is produced, including the systems and processes as well as the specific vendors, software and equipment he uses.  He starts by sharing his techniques for finding high-quality guests for the show, how he builds rapport with them prior to the episode, how he preps them for the interview, and why he usually shares a bottle of wine with them when recording in person :).  He then shares all the specific audio equipment he uses, as well as the recording software he uses for both in-person and remote interviews. He shares how he had the cover art produced, how he had the professional intro and outro produced, and how he gets the episodes edited.  He also talks about the crucial role his Podcast Production Assistant Jayson plays in the operation and how he found, hired, and built systems for Jayson to run. He shares the podcast hosting service he uses to syndicate each episode to all the major podcast-listening platforms, and the software he uses to repurpose audio content into video format. He then shares how he produces the show notes page, including links from the episode, time-stamped show notes, and how he gets each interview professionally transcribed.  He also shares the podcasting educational community he joined and remains a part of today. Matt concludes with tips for aspiring podcasters about the elements that make a great podcast and announces the “Behind the Scenes” resource tab on The Maverick Show website that contains links to all of the equipment, software and vendors used to produce the show, which will remain continually updated over time. Full Show Notes Available at