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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Jan 21, 2020

In this wine-induced episode, the tables are turned and Maverick Show host Matt Bowles gets interviewed by Sean Tierney. Matt opens up about his personal journey, telling stories from back to high school when he became a hip hop DJ and then built a mobile DJ company as his first business.  He then pivoted and talks about how all of his academic background and professional work experience up until the age of 30 was in the non-profit advocacy space. He tells the story of the life-altering moment when he got fired from his office job at 30 years old, and on that day, decided to completely pivot again and start his own business.  He explains his process of recruiting the right business partners and then building Maverick Investor Group as a location-independent real estate investment company. He also shares his experience being a full-time digital nomad with no base and living in over 50 different countries since 2013. He reflects on the most important sustainability pillars for maintaining an itinerant lifestyle for so long and shares his passion for minimalist packing.  He explains how he travels the world for years with carry-on luggage only, including a podcasting studio, an espresso maker, and a Hugo Boss suit. Sean also pulls out some of Matt’s top travel adventures and, at the end of the interview, Sean tells Matt what is true super-power is! FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT