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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Feb 11, 2020

Bill Widmer takes us on his journey of growing up in Pennsylvania, deciding to nomad full time in an RV, and shares the pros and cons of RV travel life.  He also opens up about and failing at multiple business ventures and takes us through his biggest setback of losing 90% of his income overnight, hitting rock bottom, and what it took to emerge from that.  Bill then shares how he co-founded and built multiple 6-figure businesses, including The Wandering RV blog, with his wife Kayla, that now gets over 250,000 organic web visitors from Google per month and nets them a multiple 6-figure income.  Bill takes us behind the scenes and shares the specific tactics for how to master the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) game. He explains how to do keyword research the right way, assess “content gaps” with your competitors, best practices for creating a “skyscraper post”, how to optimize it.  He explains the “hub and spoke” model, how to use internal linking the right way, and how to use “latent semantic indexing”. He shares his 3 most effective tactics for conducting a “link building campaign”, both to get traffic to the site and to build domain authority. He explains the most highly leveraged activities you can use for SEO, based on where your domain authority currently lies and emphasizes the importance of “white hat” tactics for building consistent long-term traffic.  Bill also shares some personal reflections and tips for doing business with your spouse and how to separate the business from the relationship. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT