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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Mar 3, 2020

WiFi Tribe co-founder and CEO Diego Bejarano Gerke share his experience growing up in different countries around the world, his identity of being half Bolivian and half German, and what the concept of “home” means to him.  He talks about why he thinks Bolivia is the most under-rated country in South America, what it’s like to spend time there, and what it means to him. He then shares the story of co-founding WiFi Tribe, explains what the term “Tribe” means to him, and describes the WiFi Tribe community.  He explains how WiFi Tribe is actively attempting to diversify the program, how the community-wide value of “respect” is paramount, and describes the company’s feedback and redress mechanisms if any member feels unsafe or uncomfortable.  Diego then shares his #1 tip for remaining productive as a nomad and explains how to create productivity anchors that remain constant across changing locations.  He shares his morning routines, day structure, time-tracking techniques, and emphasizes the importance of noise-canceling headphones and daily ‘deep work’ sessions.  He shares his tips on finding love as a nomad and maintaining location-independent relationships. And, finally, he takes us behind the scenes of running WiFi Tribe, explains how he manages a fully-distributed staff, and which marketing techniques are currently most effective for the company.  He also clarifies how the WiFi Tribe interview process works for participants, describes the ‘chapter selection’ process for members to curate their own itinerary, and explains the virtual Slack Community. FULL SHOWNOTES AVAILABLE AT