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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Mar 10, 2020

Kate Boyer shares her story growing up in Budapest, Hungary, and then moving to France and designing girl’s gymnastics outfits for the team she was coaching.  Kate explains how, as a self-taught designer, she then began developing private label collections for exclusive resorts in St. Barth, eventually meeting her husband Shawn in Miami and co-founded Anatomie.  With Kate as CEO and Shawn as Creative Director, Kate explains how Anatomie has produced luxury travel apparel in the global travel niche, outfitting women in stylish performance apparel with travel-conducive properties.  Kate discusses the concept of stylish minimalism and how Anatomie not only helps women look good, but ensures they never need to check a bag again. She also takes us behind the scenes of running Anatomie, explains how she grew and scaled the brand, adjusted her ratio of wholesaling vs. direct-to-consumer sales, built luxury brand partnerships, and how Anatomie was designated the “Official Luxury Travel Clothing Brand” of Forbes Travel Guide. She shares her stress management techniques and her tips on what it takes to be a successful CEO.  Kate also opens up about her personal life, shares tips on co-founding a business with a spouse, balancing business and marriage, gives tips on how to travel internationally with small children, and explains the value she has found in taking her 5-year-old daughter to 7 countries. Kate also shares the powerful impact that international travel has had on her life, including the emotional experience of helping her parents fulfill their bucket list. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT