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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Mar 17, 2020

Fuad Agoro discusses growing up in Chicago as the son of Nigerian immigrants, excelling at sports, and eventually discovering entrepreneurship and becoming passionate about world travel.  Matt and Fuad discuss their travels in West Africa, especially in Senegal and Nigeria. Fuad tells the story of his visit to Lagos, Nigeria during the music-festival season in December, and rolling with his cousin, Maleek Berry, one of the biggest music stars on the continent.  Fuad then shares his nomad journey, and how he has structured his lifestyle since becoming a fully itinerant nomad in 2013. He shares his travel cadence, his day structure and morning routines, his packing tips, and the sustainability pillars that have allowed him to remain fully itinerant for so long and make a home wherever he is. Fuad then shares his tips for nomads in developing nutrition and fitness routines to remain healthy while traveling, changing countries, indulging in a variety of local cuisines, and having inconsistent access to exercise equipment. He even shares the key to getting and maintaining 8-pack abs.  Fuad then shares his digital market expertise and talks about the keys to grabbing attention, breaking through the noise, and advertising effectively on Instagram and Facebook. He then talks about what travel means to him, shares some travel misadventures, and explains why he was named “The Smile Ambassador of Thailand”. And, finally, Fuad shares his Top 5 Afro-Beat artists and his Top 5 Hip Hop MCs of all time. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT