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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Mar 24, 2020

Ali Greene jumps back on the podcast from under COVID-19 lockdown in France to share Emergency work-from-home techniques that everyone can begin implementing immediately. She discusses best practices for maintaining routine in a changed environment, navigating new work-life-family balances, creating new ‘workspace’ boundaries, and tips for communicating and coordinating with others in the household.  She then shares both short-term and medium-term tips to guide business owners through this transitionary period. She explains how to set up the right tools immediately, establish a two-way trust relationship between management and staff, and emphasizes the importance of extending empathy, flexibility and support to each team member. She also talks about medium-term priorities relating to sick leave policies, honing in on top business priorities, and using long-term sustainable tools to thrive in a fully remote work environment. She then emphasizes the importance of team comradery and social connection during times of physical distancing.  She suggests some fun ways companies can keep up the social cohesion and fun to keep people’s spirits up for the good of both their mental health and their work productivity. She also gives specific tips to managers about the key questions to ask their staff people and ways to keep up with life changes that are impacting individual staff members. And finally, she discusses her own company Cohana, which specializes in helping remote teams to operate in the most efficient, effective and innovative ways, and she offers a FREE CONSULT to Maverick Show listeners (link in the show notes for how to claim yours). FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT