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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Mar 31, 2020

Sean Tierney jumps back on the podcast from isolation in a remote villa in northern Bali.  He shares tips on disaster preparedness and explains how he and his housemates have physically, emotionally and socially prepared for 6 months of quarantine.  He shares techniques for keeping fit under lockdown, keeping spirits up, and also discusses the importance of being socially responsible in times of crisis. Sean then explains the psychological benefits of gratitude and giving back during challenging times.  He discusses his initiative, Charity Makeover, and explains how it is a vessel for everyone to be able to make a virtual positive contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic. He explains how Charity Makeover organizes teams of volunteers from around the world to contribute their unique skills as part of a coordinated effort to augment a designated set of charities in a single weekend. From people with highly technical skills or advanced business specialties to people willing to do simple data entry, Sean explains how everyone can sign up to contribute and also shares how people can nominate a charity to receive the support of Charity Makeover.  Sean details how the virtual events work, what types of charities they have worked with, and what types of results have been achieved. Sean also shares work-from-home tips from his 4 years working remotely and offers his Nomad Prep Academy course for FREE to Maverick Show listeners, which not only includes work-from-home resources but also enables you to envision, design and plan the post-COVID-19 Chapter of your life now. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT