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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Jan 5, 2019

Stella Airoldi begins by explaining why she chose to invest in rental properties and how her lifestyle expenses are now covered by her passive rental income. She then shares her journey beginning with her choice to solo-travel the world and how she was regularly confronted with poverty and injustice, raising her social and political consciousness and inspiring her to pursue dual Masters Degrees in International Law and Human Rights and Democracy. Her passion for children’s rights then led her to Uganda with an academic focus on the rights of girl child soldiers. She explains how her time in Uganda allowed her to meet a talented Ugandan artisan, Susan Laker, who was an illiterate, impoverished, HIV-positive mother of 3, who inspired her tremendously. She explains how she and Susan developed a close personal friendship and eventually a business relationship that led to the launch of 22 Stars Jewelry. Stella then discusses the creation of the 22 Stars Foundation that now sends over 300 kids to school, provides a hot meal, runs after school programs, and provides small business training and micro-loans for local Ugandan businesses. She then explains the social impact “co-workations” that she organizes to bring location independent entrepreneurs to experience Uganda and participate first hand in the 22 Stars project. Stella then talks about why she travels, how it has contributed to her personal development, and shares stories about how she used Tinder for alternative purposes while solo-traveling through Africa. She explains how she deals with stress and optimizes productivity, and shares her top tips for female solo travelers.