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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Jan 21, 2019

David Dang Vu talks about his working-class upbringing in a Vietnamese immigrant household in Southern California and credits his mother as his primary inspiration to become an entrepreneur. He explains his pure-bred entrepreneurial tendencies, selling and flipping products to his classmates going all the way back to middle school, and his decision to drop out of college after one semester to go build businesses. David shares his initial business failures before building his first multi-million dollar company selling t-shirts. He explains that innovation and creating a unique user experience is what helped his t-shirt company land celebrity clients like Taylor Swift and LMFAO. He explains his decision to sell his interest and how he moved on to build a $3 million gift card company. David then talks about how he discovered the ability to dropship on Ebay and built that into a business which now nets him over $300K/year. He then documented exactly how he did it in a course that he sold on the Udemy platform, which became the bestselling Business course on Udemy in both 2016 and 2017. He then shares his latest business venture doing AirBNB Arbitrage (renting an apartment on a long-term lease and then subletting it out for short-term rental rates on AirBNB) which now nets him over $300K/Year. He talks about how he selects the location, mitigates downside risks, creates systems and automates the business. He explains how he then made another successful Udemy course about the AirBNB arbitrage business. Having now sold over $1 million in courses on Udemy, David also shares his tips on creating and selling a successful online course. He concludes by telling the story of how he met his wife while traveling the world as a digital nomad.