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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Feb 3, 2019

Tobias Raucher shares his story of being unable to sing or read music and yet teaching himself by ear to be a modern percussive finger-style guitarist.  He explains why he became so passionate about this form of music and how he started creating and performing his own songs on his YouTube channel which now has over 300,000 subscribers and has gotten over 14 million views on a single video.  He then shares the story of his entrepreneurial trajectory, including lessons learned from his first failed business venture in his home country of Germany. He goes on to explain how he then built his Guitar Academy into an online business that generates him 6 figures/year in net passive income.  The membership site teaches students not only how to play his songs but teaches the actual creative process for creating their own original songs as well. He also talks about strategies for building audience on YouTube, and outlines the biggest mistake that most musicians make when trying to build a fan base.  He then discusses his “Tube Accelerator” business where he teaches musicians how to most effectively build audience on YouTube. He also explains his latest project of creating an online “Digital Lifestyle Conference” that interviews successful location independent entrepreneurs. He concludes by sharing how he structures his personal work/travel lifestyle, his top book and app recommendations, and his number one tip for early-stage entrepreneurs.