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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Mar 29, 2019

Bill Manaserro tells his incredible life story which begins with him getting elected to public office at age 18, becoming a corporate VP by age 21, then becoming an entrepreneur, gravitating into the tech space, getting hired by one of Meg Whitman’s companies, and then losing it all when the tech bubble burst in the late 90s. Bill had 5 kids at the time and decided to make a major life pivot, become a professional musician, and travel the world long term with his wife and kids. Homeschooling his kids and teaching them life lessons through travel, Bill shares what life was like for his family as itinerant nomads for over 3 years before moving to Haiti where they would be based for the next 12 years. Bill explains how he and his family founded “Child Hope International” which established medical clinics, orphanages, schools and entrepreneurial trainings for the people of Haiti, and ended up getting his family featured on a CNN special with Soledad O’Brien and interviewed by Oprah. He explains how incredibly challenging yet incredibly rewarding life was for his family in Haiti. Bill then talks about how he transitioned back to life in the U.S. and started investing in real estate in 2014 at age 58 and explains how he has acquired 88 units since then. Bill gives his top advice for real estate investors over 50, and shares tips on analyzing and conducting your due diligence on out-of-state rental properties. Bill then explains why he started the “Old Dawg’s REI Network” podcast and shares his biggest takeaways from it.