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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Jun 4, 2019

Kristin Wilson shares her latest travel adventures, and her upcoming plans to attend Rolf Potts’ travel writing course in Paris. She then gives a sneak preview her forthcoming book, “Digital Nomad 101: The Path to Location Independence” and shares her writing process. She also talks about how and why her “Long Term Digital Nomad Success” group on Facebook has grown to thousands of members and why she refers to it as a ‘family’. She also explains why she is focused not only on helping people transition into the digital nomad lifestyle, but doing it in a way that is sustainable over the long run. She then discusses why she created her new course, who it’s for, and how it provides a defined 30-day framework to help people jump start their digital nomad journeys. She then explains why she launched the Bad Ass Digital Nomads podcast, and talks about her interview with Matt and others who have been on the show. She also talks about her experience being the Keynote at the Nomad Summit in Las Vegas 2018, and then discusses her primary business “Orbis” which helps relocate people all over the world. She also shares some historical travel adventures and business snafus from her 15 years living and working in over 60 countries. She then gives tips on personal brand building and explains her morning and evening routines as well as the changes in her productivity techniques that have enabled her to level up her output over the past year.