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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Oct 1, 2019

Liam Martin tells his story of being ranked one of the top 30 figure-skaters in the world before breaking his knee cap at age 21 and having his dreams dashed. He then pivoted into academia but, after receiving the worst teaching evaluations in the department’s history, he pivoted again, this time into remote entrepreneurship. Liam takes us on his business-building journey, that ultimately culminated in the creation of “Time Doctor”, a productivity software that he scaled into a 7-figure remote-first business which now has over 100 staff in 32 countries. He takes us behind the scenes of his company operations and gives detailed tips on remote hiring, building systems and processes, training and running a remote sales team, project management and communication across time zones, detailed marketing and SEO tactics that are working today. He also shares his approach to executive leadership, remote management and building company culture in remote-first companies. Liam then details his personal productivity and time mastery techniques, as well as the way he manages stress and approaches business problems or setbacks. Liam then talks about co-founding “Running Remote”, the world’s largest conference on building and scaling fully remote teams. He discusses who should attend, what to expect, and where/when the next conference is happening. He then talks about his passion for international travel and explains his travel cadence, how he decides on his remote work locations, what travel really means to him at this point in his life, and shares his favorite travel app and the #1 gadget he never travels without. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT