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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Oct 22, 2019

Monique Lindner takes us on her journey of growing up in Germany, working every waking hour to support her family starting at age 13, despite gender discrimination, bullying and living with chronic diseases. She explains how, at age 19, she ultimately collapsed and was pronounced clinically dead for 25 seconds. She shares the out of body experience and the life reflections that prompted. After a number of dismal years in the corporate world, enduring more severe health problems, and the horrific trauma of being raped by her physical therapist, she began a massive life transition. Monique explains her decision to quit her corporate job, start traveling the world full-time and begin transforming her trauma, hardship, and adversity into power. She shares her travel adventures, including biking the World’s Most Dangerous Road, swimming with Caimans, and having an anaconda wrapped around her legs in the Amazon. After getting robbed of her entire life savings in Vietnam, she explains how, with $40 to her name, she subsisted on one bowl of oatmeal per day, for 6 weeks, as she bartered her skills to bootstrap the business that she runs today coaching CEOs and high achieving business leaders. She then dives into her area of expertise and explains “Peak Performance”, “Human Optimization”, and how to use her T.I.M.E method to dramatically improve productivity and results. She also explains her concepts of “Slowing down to speed up”, “lifestyle optimization” and shares the most effective leverage points her clients have used to increase revenue while decreasing work hours and reducing stress, anxiety and overwhelm. FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT