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The Maverick Show with Matt Bowles

Feb 4, 2020

Matt Bowles dissects the Maverick Investor Group business model and shares 5 tips for building a location independent business in a space that is not traditionally virtual.  He begins by explaining the importance of believing it can be done, ignoring the naysayers and perceived limitations, and surrounding yourself with or at least consuming content by people that have done similar things. Matt shares multiple examples of entrepreneurs interviewed on The Maverick Show that have built business with a location-independent infrastructure that many people initially thought was impossible to do.  He then talks about the importance of reverse engineering your business model to ensure you don’t make any geographically restrictive mistakes. Next, he talks about the importance of mitigating any additional perceived risk in the mind of the buyer, and then to go beyond that and to actually make your location independent infrastructure part of your value proposition and explain how it is advantageous to your buyer. Matt provides examples of how Maverick Investor Group does this with their buying opportunities for cash-flowing rental properties that people can buy in the most investor advantaged markets regardless of where they live. And finally, he talks about integrating your location independent lifestyle into your brand identity, using it to be more interesting than your competitors and also to establish affinities with other people that live or aspire to that lifestyle.  FULL SHOW NOTES AVAILABLE AT